An Upcoming Refresh for Pixel 8 Unveiled by Google Store

Pixel 8 Refresh: Unveiling 'Minty Fresh' – A Vibrant Splash of Style in Every Pixel!


The Google Store has initiated a captivating teaser for the Pixel 8, promising something ‘Minty Fresh’ to be unveiled next week. Shared on X/Twitter by Made by Google, the teaser showcases a dynamic graphic featuring a minty shade being sprayed over the Pixel 8 Pro. The countdown on the teaser page points to a significant reveal on January 25 at midnight PT.

Speculations suggest that Google is set to introduce a new color variant for the Pixel 8 series, potentially naming it ‘Minty Fresh.’ The social media post cleverly includes a binary sequence translating to the intriguing name, hinting at the Pixel 8 Pro’s new color variant. However, it remains uncertain whether this fresh shade will be exclusive to the Pixel 8 Pro or extend to other models in the series.

Adding to the excitement, the graphic includes the phrase ‘itsaliving,’ which happens to be the name of the artist enlisted by Google. This artist will be painting a mural in Downtown New York City on January 25 at 11 a.m. ET. The event is open for both in-person attendance and livestream viewing.

This move follows Google’s tradition of introducing new styles for existing Pixel devices, reminiscent of the introduction of the Barely Blue option for the Pixel 4a and the exclusive Hip Hop 50 edition for the Pixel Fold, available only to influencers and contest winners.

Stay tuned for a vibrant Pixel experience, as Google unveils a ‘Minty Fresh’ surprise on January 25, promising a splash of style in every Pixel!”