Google Announces Workforce Reduction Impacting Multiple Divisions

Navigating Change Together: Google's Workforce Evolution Unveiled

Google Announces Workforce Reduction Impacting Multiple Divisions

In a recent development, Google has implemented a workforce reduction affecting “a few hundred” employees across various divisions. Among those affected are individuals from the Assistant team and the Hardware team, responsible for products such as Pixel phones, Nest home devices, and Fitbit wearables.

An internal communication, as reported by The New York Times, conveyed the unfortunate news to employees with the message:

“We’ve had to make some difficult decisions about the ongoing employment of some Google employees, and we regret to inform you that your position is being eliminated.”

Subsequently, Google officially acknowledged the cuts in the Assistant team and hardware layoffs. A spokesperson from Google released a statement indicating the company’s commitment to investing in its “biggest priorities and significant opportunities ahead.”

Responding to the layoffs, the Alphabet Workers Union, a collective representing over 1,400 employees at Google’s parent company, deemed the recent workforce reduction as “unnecessary.” In a post on X, they expressed concern that the company “cannot continue to terminate our colleagues while consistently generating billions in revenue every quarter.”