Google Photos Introduces Auto-Grouping ‘Stacks’ Feature on Android

Google Photos Rolls Out Auto-Grouping 'Stacks' Feature on Android Devices

Google Photos is rolling out a new feature called “Photo Stacks” on Android, following its initial introduction on iOS in November. This feature automatically organizes similar photos taken within a short time frame into groups, ensuring that users see only one image in the main grid.

Users will notice a number and icon in the top-right corner of the thumbnail in the Photos tab, indicating that auto-grouping has taken place. When opened, a grouping displays all the images in a carousel format, and users can navigate through them by swiping.

Google leverages AI for Photo Stacks, and users can enable/disable the “Stack similar photos” option through a vertical three-dot menu. Additionally, users can unstack an entire photo stack by long-pressing on it and selecting “Unstack photos.”