Xiaomi HyperOS Global Rollout: When Will Global Users Receive the Update?

Xiaomi's HyperOS: Global Rollout and Release Schedule for Android 14 Upgrade

Xiaomi HyperOS Global Rollout: When Will Global Users Receive the Update?
Xiaomi HyperOS Global Rollout: When Will Global Users Receive the Update?

It has been over a week since Xiaomi introduced its new Android operating system. While Xiaomi’s 14 series phones come with the new OS out of the box, the company plans to roll it out to other phones in the coming weeks. The initial rollout will commence in China, but Xiaomi’s global rollout plans for HyperOS have now been revealed.

Xiaomi is currently in the process of testing the new update on a select few devices worldwide. Interestingly, these devices are testing HyperOS based on Android 14, which suggests that both updates could be released simultaneously. While it seems likely, we anticipate that those currently using Android 14 beta with MIUI 14 will receive a stable Android 14 with MIUI before transitioning to HyperOS.

According to Gsmchina, nine Xiaomi phones are currently undergoing testing for HyperOS based on Android 14, and they are expected to be among the first devices to receive the upgrade. Regrettably, there are no Redmi or POCO phones on the list, but this does not necessarily mean that these devices won’t receive the new update.

The latest Xiaomi HyperOS global rollout plans likely pertain to Xiaomi phones exclusively, with Redmi and POCO phones likely to follow in a subsequent list. Perhaps Xiaomi intends to release different rollout plans for each model, but it’s doubtful, given that most POCO and Redmi phones are rebranded Xiaomi devices. Once the update begins its rollout, we anticipate that all models will eventually receive it.

Xiaomi HyperOS Global Rollout Plan:

  1. Xiaomi 13
  2. Xiaomi 13 Pro
  3. Xiaomi 13 Ultra
  4. Xiaomi 13T
  5. Xiaomi 13T Pro
  6. Xiaomi 12T Pro
  7. Xiaomi 12T
  8. Xiaomi 11T
  9. Xiaomi Pad 6

In the meantime, the update is currently being tested internally on these devices, indicating that the public release is not yet ready. These devices will receive the update before others, as Xiaomi has given them priority. We hope to see the rollout begin this year, even though the official schedule mentions Q1, 2024.