Apple Dominates Top 10 Best-Selling Phones of 2023, iPhones Take Top Seven Spots

"Apple's iPhone Reigns Supreme: Dominates Global Smartphone Sales with Top Seven Positions in 2023"


In a groundbreaking achievement, Apple has secured the top seven positions in the global ranking of best-selling smartphones for the year 2023. The list, compiled by Counterpoint Research, highlights Apple’s unprecedented dominance in the smartphone market.

Here’s the breakdown of the top 10 best-selling phones, along with their respective market shares:

  1. iPhone 14 – 3.9%
  2. iPhone 14 Pro Max – 2.8%
  3. iPhone 14 Pro – 2.4%
  4. iPhone 13 – 2.2%
  5. iPhone 15 Pro Max – 1.7%
  6. iPhone 15 Pro – 1.4%
  7. iPhone 15 – 1.4%
  8. Galaxy A14 5G – 1.4%
  9. Galaxy A04e – 1.3%
  10. Galaxy A14 4G – 1.3%

This marks the first time in history that Apple has clinched the top seven spots in the annual smartphone sales ranking. While Samsung manages to secure the remaining three positions, Apple’s dominance signifies a significant shift in the market landscape.

The combined market share of the top 10 smartphones reached a record high of 20% in 2023, indicating the unparalleled popularity of these devices among consumers.

Notably, the success of Apple’s iPhone 14 as the best-selling smartphone of the year underscores its widespread appeal, with significant contributions from key markets like the US and China. However, it’s worth mentioning that the iPhone 13 remains a strong contender, highlighting the enduring popularity of older models in Apple’s lineup.

Furthermore, the increased prominence of iPhone Pro models in this year’s rankings can be attributed to their advanced features and enhanced capabilities. With innovations like Dynamic Island, upgraded chipsets, and higher display refresh rates, the iPhone Pro variants have emerged as sought-after choices for discerning consumers.

Overall, Apple’s remarkable performance in the smartphone market reaffirms its position as a leader in innovation and consumer preference, setting new benchmarks for industry success.

Tagline Title: “Apple’s iPhone Reigns Supreme: Dominates Global Smartphone Sales with Top Seven Positions in 2023”