Apple Vision Pro Opts Out of Bluetooth Mice Support: What It Means for Users

Navigating Limitations: The Apple Vision Pro's Accessory Landscape


The Apple Vision Pro, making waves with its mixed-reality capabilities, has garnered mixed reviews since its release. While enthusiasts explore its potential, Apple has shed light on its accessory compatibility, revealing a potential setback for users.

According to Apple’s recent support page update, the Vision Pro does not extend support to Bluetooth mice, a limitation compounded by the absence of ports for wired alternatives. While Bluetooth keyboards from Apple and other manufacturers are deemed compatible, the Vision Pro exclusively integrates with the Apple Magic Trackpad for pointing device functionality.

Despite this setback, recent revelations have showcased the Vision Pro’s substantial battery capacity, boasting three times the size of the iPhone 15 Pro’s battery. However, the absence of Wi-Fi 6E and UWB support may disappoint some users.

On a more positive note, the Vision Pro boasts a robust library of over 600 applications tailored for visionOS, complemented by over 150 spatial movies available on the Apple TV app. As anticipation mounts, further insights into the headset’s capabilities are expected to surface in the coming weeks.