Elevating Galaxy Buds: AI-Powered Live Translation and Android’s Seamless Call Switching

Enhance your audio experience with the latest Galaxy Buds update, introducing AI translation and effortless call switching for seamless connectivity.

Title: Elevating Galaxy Buds: AI-Powered Live Translation and Android’s Seamless Call Switching

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds lineup has long been favored among Galaxy users for their seamless integration within the ecosystem. Bolstering this reputation is a new AI-driven update that introduces live translation capabilities to the Galaxy Buds series. Additionally, users can now enjoy Android’s auto-switching feature when utilizing multiple devices with their Galaxy Buds.

In line with Samsung’s 2024 focus on AI, this update aligns the Galaxy Buds series with the productivity enhancements seen in the S24 series, leveraging the SoC’s dedicated artificial processing capabilities.

The update underscores Samsung’s commitment to enhancing user experiences within its ecosystem. While these advancements are exclusive to Galaxy devices, they demonstrate Samsung’s dedication to providing innovative solutions tailored to its users.

Key highlights of the update include Samsung’s interpreter tool, akin to Live Translate on the Galaxy S24, facilitating seamless multilingual conversations via the Galaxy Buds. Additionally, the auto-switch feature streamlines Bluetooth multi-pairing, ensuring effortless call management across connected devices.

This update also introduces Auracast functionality and 360 audio support for immersive listening experiences on TVs. With Auracast, multiple Galaxy devices can connect to a single audio source, while the 360-degree audio feature enhances TV audio through Galaxy Buds.

Samsung has slated the update rollout for late February, promising Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, Buds 2, and Buds FE users an enhanced experience in the days ahead.