Enhance Your Viewing Experience: Adjust Display Vividness on the Galaxy S24

Customize Your Visual Experience: Tailor Display Vibrancy on the Galaxy S24 with Ease


Samsung’s Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra are receiving their first software update, offering users the ability to fine-tune the vibrancy of their displays. While Samsung initially optimized the displays for natural color reproduction, users found both the vivid and natural modes lacking in vibrancy.

The update introduces a new Vividness slider under the Display settings, allowing users to adjust the display’s vibrancy to their preference. However, users may find that the option to access advanced settings is missing. This is because the Adaptive Color Tone feature is enabled, which automatically adjusts colors based on ambient lighting conditions for a more natural viewing experience.

To access the Vividness slider and adjust the display’s vibrancy, users need to disable Adaptive Color Tone in the Display settings menu. Once disabled, users can fine-tune the vividness and adjust the white balance using the RGB sliders in the advanced settings menu for the Vivid screen mode.