NASA’s Artemis 2 Faces 10-Month Delay Over Orion Safety Concerns

Artemis 2 Mission Faces Substantial 10-Month Delay Over Lockheed Martin Orion Safety Concerns

NASA has announced a significant delay for its Artemis 2 mission due to safety concerns related to the Lockheed Martin Orion spacecraft. Originally anticipated to launch in November 2024, the mission is now rescheduled for a September 2025 liftoff.

The delay is attributed to issues with Orion’s heat shield and life support system. Concerns about more significant than expected heat shield material loss during reentry were identified after the Artemis 1 mission.

Additionally, problems with the life support system’s circuitry, impacting valve control and carbon dioxide removal, were discovered. Artemis 3, linked to Artemis 2, is planned for a launch no earlier than one year after Artemis 2. The delays underscore challenges in NASA’s lunar exploration programs, affecting both the Space Launch System and crewed missions.