Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Achieves Impressive 9/10 Repairability Score in Inaugural Teardown

Unveiling the Innards - Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Emerges Victorious with Stellar Repairability, Redefining User-Friendly Smartphone Maintenance!

In a remarkable feat, the Galaxy S24 Ultra, Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone, has aced its repairability assessment with an impressive score of 9/10, according to a comprehensive teardown by YouTube channel PBKreviews. Despite the growing intricacies of modern smartphones, Samsung continues to prioritize user-friendly repairability, aligning with evolving EU regulations.

Key Findings from the Teardown:

  1. Near-Perfect Score: The Galaxy S24 Ultra has maintained Samsung’s trend of near-perfect repairability scores, scoring 9/10 in its inaugural teardown.
  2. Points Deducted for Organization: The device lost points for the organization of internal components, the time required for repairs, and the complexity of screen replacement.
  3. High Scores in Vital Areas: The flagship model secured a flawless score in critical areas, including parts availability, battery replacement, and the ease of replacing components such as the charger port.
  4. Battery Placement Innovation: Similar to its predecessor, the S24 Ultra ditches traditional glue for battery fixation, opting for an adhesive pouch and pull tab for convenient removal.
  5. Enhanced Cooling Mechanism: The teardown highlights a significantly larger vapor chamber in the S24 Ultra, boasting a 1.9x increase compared to the S23 Ultra. This innovative design plays a crucial role in managing the heat generated by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor.

Insights from the Drop Test:

Additionally, PBKreviews conducted a Galaxy S24 Ultra drop test, unveiling the remarkable scratch resistance of the titanium frame and the Gorilla Glass Armor safeguarding the screen.

For an in-depth exploration of the teardown and the device’s structural resilience, watch the full video above.