Samsung Introduces Next-Gen 990 EVO SSD, Elevating Speeds and Efficiency

Unleash the Power - Samsung's 990 EVO SSD Redefines Storage Excellence with Dual Compatibility, Enhanced Efficiency, and Versatile Performance!

Samsung has officially launched its latest 990 EVO SSD, an upgraded iteration of the 2021 980 SSD. With compatibility spanning both PCIe 4.0 and PCIe 5.0 interfaces, this SSD caters to a broad spectrum of computers and laptops. Positioned as an entry-level choice, it strikes a balance between performance, efficiency, and affordability, targeting users seeking an upgrade from older SSDs like the 970 EVO Plus and the 980 SSD.

Key Features of the Samsung 990 EVO SSD:

  1. Dual Compatibility: Supporting both PCIe 4.0 x4 and PCIe 5.0 x2 interfaces, the 990 EVO SSD ensures adaptability to evolving technological standards.
  2. Global Availability: The SSD, available in the 2280 form factor, comes in 1TB and 2TB models, priced at $125 and $210, respectively. Global availability commenced from today.
  3. Versatile Performance: Tailored for diverse computing needs, including gaming and media editing, the SSD boasts sequential read speeds of up to 5,000MB/s and sequential write speeds of up to 4,200MB/s. Random read and write speeds reach 700K IOPS and 800K IOPS, respectively.
  4. Efficiency Enhancement: Utilizing Samsung’s V-NAND 3-TLC chips and an in-house controller, the SSD incorporates HMB (Host Memory Buffer) technology for optimized performance. It achieves up to 70% improved power efficiency compared to its predecessor, the 970 EVO Plus SSD, contributing to prolonged battery life.
  5. Modern Standby Support: Featuring compatibility with Modern Standby, a Windows feature enabling instant on/off functionality, uninterrupted connectivity, and notifications during low-power/sleep states.
  6. Reliability and Security: The SSD comes with AES 256-bit full disk encryption, a five-year limited warranty, and guarantees total functionality of 600TB for the 1TB version and 1200TB for the 2TB version.
  7. Samsung Magician Software: Bundled with the 990 EVO SSD, the Samsung Magician software offers data transfer and SSD management tools, enhancing user experience.

Hangu Sohn, Vice President of Memory Brand Product Biz Team at Samsung Electronics, emphasized the company’s commitment to optimizing SSD solutions, stating, “The 990 EVO balances performance, power efficiency and reliability, making it a versatile choice for the latest interface suitable for a variety of everyday tasks.”