Unveiled: Sony’s Enhanced DualSense V2 Controller Boasts Significantly Extended Battery Life

Elevate Your Gaming Experience with Sony's Enhanced DualSense V2 Controller – Now with Extended Battery Life!

: Sony's Enhanced DualSense V2 Controller
: Sony's Enhanced DualSense V2 Controller

Recently, the official Canadian branch of Best Buy unveiled images and specifications of Sony’s upcoming DualSense V2 controller. While the design appears unchanged, the specifications indicate a remarkable enhancement in battery performance.

According to the provided specifications, the DualSense V2 boasts an impressive 12 hours of autonomy, a substantial leap from the 5-hour battery life found in the current generation DualSense controllers.

Maintaining its existing feature set, the controller retains its built-in microphone, haptic triggers, headphone jack, touchpad, and more. Priced at CAD 90 (approximately $67), the new controller aligns with the current model’s cost.

It appears that Best Buy may have revealed the information prematurely, suggesting a brief period of anticipation before the updated controllers become available for purchase.