Foldable iPad in ‘Intensive Development,’ Potential Announcement Next Year

Apple's rumored foldable iPad is now in "intensive development" and could be announced as soon as late 2024

Foldable iPad in 'Intensive Development,' Potential Announcement Next Year
Foldable iPad in 'Intensive Development,' Potential Announcement Next Year

In a report behind a paywall that relies on insights from supply chain sources, DigiTimes has revealed that Apple is currently engaged in intensive development work with its suppliers on a foldable iPad. The goal is to initiate small-scale production by the end of 2024. According to the Taiwanese publication, if progress continues smoothly, Apple may unveil this innovative device in late 2024 or early 2025.

Apple has apparently been diligently working on foldable products for the past four years, consistently refining their designs. Their strategy involves launching a foldable iPad before delving into a foldable iPhone. The reason behind this choice is that the iPad accounts for a relatively smaller portion of Apple’s overall sales. As a result, potential issues can be more effectively managed with less impact on the company.

The final design of the foldable iPad is still under development. Initially, Apple’s product design team was leading the project, but it has since shifted to the procurement department in an effort to reduce costs. At this stage, Apple’s primary objective is to create a more cost-effective design, which has led to controversial changes in the device’s construction.

One major concern revolves around the device’s panel and hinges, with a particular focus on minimizing display creasing. Apple is reportedly exploring mechanical design solutions provided by companies like Samsung and LG to mitigate this issue. While Apple has managed to secure an adequate supply of the device’s hinges, they are still striving for a design that is not only cost-effective but also easy to mass-produce. This may entail further simplification and a reduction in the number of components.

Mass production of Apple’s inaugural foldable device is anticipated to commence in 2025. DigiTimes speculates that the introduction of the foldable iPad could lead to an increase in iPad shipments, potentially revitalizing a global tablet market that has been experiencing a decline.