YouTube’s Enhanced 1080p Video Now Available on More Devices

"Experience YouTube's Enhanced 1080p Brilliance: Premium Quality, Ad-Free Bliss, and More!"

YouTube's Enhanced 1080p Video Now Available on More Devices
YouTube's Enhanced 1080p Video Now Available on More Devices

YouTube has expanded its enhanced 1080p video support beyond iOS devices. Initially, when YouTube introduced 1080p “Premium” video, iOS devices were given priority. However, YouTube has now addressed user feedback, making the enhanced video available to YouTube Premium subscribers on Android devices, smart TVs, and web browsers.

The announcement of this expansion was made on YouTube’s official blog. To enjoy the increased bitrate, YouTube Premium subscribers need not manually adjust settings; they simply need to subscribe to the service, which currently costs $14 for an individual account or $23 for family plans accommodating up to six accounts, following a mid-2023 price increase.

The enhanced 1080p bitrate is just one of the perks offered by YouTube Premium. The primary advantage remains an ad-free YouTube experience before and during videos. Additionally, subscribers can download videos for offline viewing, play YouTube in the background, resume watching on smart TVs and tablets, utilize premium controls for enhanced control, and enjoy picture-in-picture support.

Furthermore, YouTube Premium includes access to YouTube Music Premium, potentially serving as a consolidated solution for users considering cutting down on subscriptions and saving costs compared to separate services like Spotify or Apple Music.

While the enhanced 1080p bitrate alone might not justify the subscription cost, when combined with the other benefits of YouTube Premium, the subscription becomes a more appealing package. Users can enjoy an ad-free experience, additional controls, offline viewing, and premium music access, making the overall offering more comprehensive and potentially worthwhile.