Samsung Enhances Security: January 2024 Update Hits Galaxy S21, S22, and S23 Series in Europe

Empowering Security: Galaxy S21, S22, and S23 Series Embrace January 2024 Security Patch in Europe.

In a noteworthy move reaffirming its dedication to device security, Samsung has initiated the rollout of the January 2024 security update across the Galaxy S21, S22, and S23 series in the European region. Beyond addressing approximately 75 identified security vulnerabilities from previous iterations, this comprehensive update introduces crucial improvements for a more seamless and secure user experience.

Key Update Features:

  1. Firmware Versions:
    • Galaxy S21: G99xBXXS9FWL9
    • Galaxy S22, S22+, S22 Ultra: S90xBXXS7DWL3
    • Galaxy S23: S91xBXXS3BWL3
  2. Download Sizes:
    • Galaxy S21: Users in Europe can anticipate the standard update size.
    • Galaxy S22 Series: With a download size of approximately 260MB, users will experience improved software stability.
    • Galaxy S23 Series: An update of around 400MB ensures a more robust and secure device environment.
  3. OLED Screen Burn-In Protection:
    • Notably, the update rectifies the absence of OLED screen burn-in protection, a concern flagged following the One UI 6.0 update.
  4. Installation Guide:
    • Users in Europe can easily access the update by navigating to Settings » Software update, selecting Download and install. Alternatively, the firmware file is available in the firmware database for those opting for manual flashing.
  5. Anticipating One UI 6.1:
    • This security update sets the stage for the much-anticipated One UI 6.1, slated to debut with the imminent launch of the Galaxy S24 series next week.

Future Prospects: Samsung’s unwavering commitment to timely security updates not only bolsters the current user experience but also generates anticipation for the forthcoming One UI 6.1 update. As the Galaxy S24 series gears up for release, users can expect the latest software innovations for an enhanced and secure mobile journey.